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On this English section you will find a short presentation of the organization with information about our mission, target group, general principles of the support and contact info.

Mission and target group

De Ploeg is a vocational training center for people with a (working) disability and long-term unemployed people. The non-profit organization is specialized in job coaching to support people with a disability to full waged jobs in the open labour market. The target group are people above 18 years old. The NGO is recognized by the Flemish Public Employment and vocational training Service (VDAB http://vdab.be/english/).

Your specialized partner in work for people with a disability

De Ploeg started in 1987 with a small group of clients in Brasschaat, located 12 km from downtown Antwerp. Today our job coaches support 500 clients a year. De Ploeg has more than 80 employees and became an expert in Flanders (Dutch-speaking part of Belgium) on handicap and labor. Job coaches of “De Ploeg” have specific knowhow in supporting people with a disability such as for example people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Dyslexia, ADHD, …

The training center was promoter of several European projects funded by the European Social Fund, Leonardo Da Vinci, … The Avanti-project for example is a network of experts working on a life-course model for people with ASD (Leonardo Da Vinci Lifelong Learning program funded by the European Commission).
More information can be found on the project websites:

Our support …

A route to a job is never the same because every handicap, person and job is different. The client determines the support. We start from his/her demand and try to find a suitable job. Each type of support has its own specific goal. Each formula will be used whenever it’s necessary. The client always has to agree (plan between client and job coach).

To find a tailor-made solution a job coach needs to be very creative and flexible in his approach. He constantly tries to fill in the gaps in the offer.

The perfect match

The job coach needs to find the perfect match of the client’s profile with the profile of a job. We coach the client on the workplace, organize and evaluate training periods, make the necessary adjustments of the work setting, advice colleagues and the employer about financial supports, guide them after employment, give consultations …

The different steps …

  • Research of the abilities and disabilities of the client (history of the client and own measurements)
  • Assessment of the abilities, disabilities and expectations of the client regarding work (in his
    social network Orientation
  • Training and guidance of technical skills, labour attitudes and social skills
  • Training and guidance in the center
  • Training and guidance on the workplace or in other organizations
  • Training period on the workplace, …
  • Employment in the open labour market
  • Mediation in the company
  • Guidance after employment (follow up)

Contact …

The head office is located in downtown Antwerp. Several locations in Turnhout, Boom, Brasschaat, Mechelen and Geel cover the whole province of Antwerp.

Duinstraat 76
2060 Antwerp
Tel: (+32) (0)3 670 71 00
Fax: 03 633 86 09
e-mail: contact@deploeg.be